Campsite in Purbeck

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wednesday. 22 December 2005

Today I walked around the empty site on a warm winter afternoon as the dusk was settling in about 4.00pm. The sheep were munching happily on the longish grass. They have a lot to get through before March! They act as ecological mowers through the winter.
All was peaceful and beautiful as the sun sank behind the Purbeck Hills.


While thinking of the death of Tom I am thinking there may be people who read this who have their own recollections of Tom. Please send them in.

Enjoying the delights of fishing in Swanage Bay on a beautiful summer day

Out of Season

This is mostly going to be all about the amazing place called Toms Field Campsite in the beautiful Isle of Purbeck.
There will news and developments and some history.
We were sad this year when Tom Bower died. It was he who had ,with his father and mother, made Toms Field what it is today. We came along 12 years ago and tried to keep the spirit of the place but also needing to update for todays campers.