Campsite in Purbeck

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blackbirds Nesting

A blackbird has made it's nest in a very unusual place, in the gas cage on top of a Calor Gas Bottle
It seems perfectly happy there .
The weather has been dreary and windy but the site is looking good and the May tree outside the shop is about to burst into bloom

Saturday, May 06, 2006


May is so beautiful at Tom's Field. The blackthorn is in bloom, there are buttercups and daisies on the fields and although it gets busier at the weekends the weekdays are quiet with a sprinkling of contented campers exploring the Purbecks.
The latest additions include a new cool cabinet, this is a great event for us in the shop as since the old one finally died last October the managers Jean and Colin have had to supply the campers from a specially designed ecofridge.
The Dry Garden has been planted. We already had a selection of thymes but with a view to preserving water we are planting a whole selection of herbs and other drought tolerant plants including lavenders, rosemary, basil etc and the idea is that when the plants have properly established people may be able to have a small cutting to add to meals.