Campsite in Purbeck

Friday, August 18, 2006

Art in the Field

Here a family spend time with the children printing with leaves found on the site. This is in the corner of the Family Field. There is no formal play area on the site but the children all seem to have a good time. A favourite is the 20p balsa wood aeroplane that has been price held for 14 years! I think it may have to be 25p next year!!

Summer Time

Now it is in the depth of the school holidays, it has been busy and hot for many weeks It is great to see the familiar faces of the many, many people who have visited Tom's Field over all the years we have had the campsite and many new people to welcome too. The managers this year,Jean and Colin 'have coped wonderfully with the many and varied events and incidents that always occur including our continued 'greening'
We have stopped buying plastic bags for the shopping and have purchased quantities of plain cotton carriers. I have been printing some of these with a hand made block in an interesting green. The picture was taken the other day when wandering around the site but sums up the lovely casual feel of the summer time