Campsite in Purbeck

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Our Camping Trip

Well, John and I have just returned from our own camping trip in Devon, just a couple of nights at Kingsbridge where the site we found coincidentally was also sporting the Green Tourism Silver Plaque. we had a great time as the site was simple and rural like Tom's field. we were in fact the only people there so had the toilet block to ourselves!The weather was wonderful and the treat was being able to go to the house for breakfast.
We were in our little 2 person tent that has been around the world and withstood beautifully a torrential downpour on Sat. night . The trouble is that notwithstanding all the great developments in camping gear no-one has invented something to help oldies get out quickly from the tent at 3.00 am to answer the call of nature.
It reminds us, though, of the doubtful delights of waking to dew soaked shoes , lost tea bags and sodden matches and that is why we have a camp site!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

September Mists

Yesterday, saturday, was amazingly wet. The first truly wet day for weeks if not months. Not only was it wet but extremely windy. We were still busy but there was the mass exodus today. This is only to be expected as we are now in September and all the big tents are gone taking the children back to school.
We wander about looking, quite sadly, at the yellowy patches where people have stayed - sometimes for many weeks. It is sad to say goodbye to old friends and new.

Today, before the sun came out, there was a mist from the sea.
Still we are open for another 8 weeks and then the GREAT WINTER WORKS begins